501c3 non-profit organization


Natalie Garcia

President & Founder

Natalie founded MaeDay to help lost and homeless animals, create humane animal treatment awareness, develop a foster program for high-risk shelter dogs and to organize spay and neuter clinics in rural Mexico. The unique bond between animal and human drives Natalie to rescue every animal she can.


Natalie started her rescue efforts in 2010. She was the Chief Animal Officer for Sweet, an eco-friendly travel company that organized volunteer events for animal adoption and spay/neuter clinics in Mexico.  She also worked alongside Mexican rescue organizations to find homes for street animals both in Mexico and the United States.


Natalie was building her career as a TV and red carpet host when a series of devastating events occurred.  Her beloved dog Maggie Mae and her Mexican foster dog, Pistaché, were thrown from her car during a rollover accident. Natalie, with the help of friends, family, and local volunteers, organized a search from her hospital room. Thanks to the outreach of so many Pistaché found five days later and was reunited with Natalie. Sadly, Maggie Mae was found dead.  A train had killed her.


While devastating, this series of events changed Natalie’s focus.  She observed Pistaché’s inner strength and wisdom after a life of hardship and the accident. She became determined to ensure animals have the opportunity to survive and thrive in a loving home. Natalie turned her pain into a life dedicated to helping lost and homeless animals.

Maggie Mae


Maggie Mae was found wandering on an Indian reservation outside of Albuquerque, NM. Natalie found her at a shelter -- she was sic, had a very high temperature and full of foxtails. Although Maggie was scared and listless, she looked into Natalie’s eyes with  her big soul and so much life. Natalie adopted her and took her home and nursed her to health. Over the next few years, Maggie Mae and Natalie were joined at the hip. They traveled across the country twice, lived in three different states, and were featured in two web series. Their bond couldn’t have been stronger. Maggie's intelligence, obedience, disposition, big heart and wise soul changed the way people thought of dogs.


MaeDay Rescue finds homeless animals homes in honor of Maggie Mae.

Pistaché was Natalie's first foster dog. She met her at the Cozumel Animal Society during her first trip as Chief Animal Officer for "Sweet." Pistaché was sweet, smart and social and Natalie knew she had to bring her back to LA and find her a home.


Surviving the deadly rollover accident changed her personality. She went from a brave and social dog to a timid and fearful. Natalie has been working on making her feel safe again for quite some time and is proud to be a “Foster Failure”.