There's no place like a forever home

Natalie shares her life changing experience. Thanks to dot429 for creating this amazing video about MaeDay's inception.

MaeDay Rescue is a Los Angeles based, 501c3 non-profit organization committed to helping the homeless animal population, while generating awareness and education on the importance of spay/neutering. Our overhead is very low, so all donated money goes directly to helping animals.

Founder and President, Natalie Garcia, has a keen eye for finding those special animals that are just right for your life, so describe what you’re looking for and she will find it!






Herman is an AMAZINGLY perfect dog, who we saved from the San Pedro shelter. He is about 2 years old, loves everyone, is potty trained, great on leash & would ideally love a home with another dog in it. He is a hit at the dog park & goes up to everyone & every dog to greet them & say hello. He is a super happy guy who wants to find his forever home soon!

Meet Tulip, a tiny miniature pincher mix who is around 2-3 years old. This baby has had a hard life and was saved from an abandoned apartment where she & 13 other dogs were left behind to fend for themselves. When she was first saved she was lactating, but there were no puppies. She either had a false pregnancy or her puppies were taken away. Because of all of this she is a bit shy when she meets someone new, but warms up in time. She plays with her foster dog brothers, loves to cuddle, is potty trained, great on leash & loves to frequent happy hour! Adopt Tulip & make her dreams come true!


Wilma is a 1.5 year old Terrier mix, who kind of looks like a coyote! This poor gal was at the San Pedro shelter in the medical ward, where the public couldn't see her. She came into the shelter with a broken leg that had healed wrong & needed medical attention right away. We were able to speak with the animal officer who brought Wilma in & said she got a call about 2 dogs chained to a goat & a mini horse on the side of the highway. As The officer got there, there was a man there claiming to be the owner of the mini horse. He had the paperwork to prove it so she had to give the horse back and took the goat and the two dogs into custody. Once we got Wilma out we took her to our amazing vet, the news wasn't ideal. Wilma has to get her broken leg amputated. We then got a second opinion from an orthopedist & he agreed. Thankfully it's her back leg & she already only uses her three other legs. The initial break looks like it came from a kick, which we are assuming happened from a mini horse or goat. Even though Wilma has awhile to recover, we are open to finding her forever home at any point in her journey. If you want a tripod dog who is loving,  potty trained, great with cats & dogs, loves life & is the sweetest thing, then this is your pup!!


501c3 non-profit organization