Los Angeles Dog Rescue

Natalie shares her life changing experience. Thanks to dot429 for creating this amazing video about MaeDay's inception.

MaeDay Rescue is a Los Angeles based, 501c3 non-profit organization committed to helping the homeless animal population, while generating awareness and education on the importance of spay/neutering. Our overhead is very low, so all donated money goes directly to helping animals.

Founder and President, Natalie Garcia, has a keen eye for finding those special animals that are just right for your life, so describe what you’re looking for and she will find it!





Iris Puppies

Gladys is a 6 year old sweet gal who was dumped at the harbor shelter after being used for breeding. She has soulful eyes, is great with all dogs & cats, loves a good dog bed & is potty trained! She is perfection in a dog body!

Our current litter of puppies are growing fast! They were born on March 17th (St. Patrick’s Day) & will be ready to leave the litter around May 17th. There mom is an amazing mother & none of them resemble her, so it’s hard to say what their breed is. Mom is a 10 pound black & tan chi/min pin mix (our best guess) These pups look like they’ll be bigger than her! They are all makes and have appropriate Irish names. The black one is Guinness, darker tan one is Jameson, lightest is Connor & mixed is Bono. If you have an open, flexible schedule or you work from home & have time to love and care for a 2 month old puppy, put your application in!


501c3 non-profit organization