There's no place like a forever home

501c3 non-profit organization ©2016  MaeDay Rescue

Natalie shares her life changing experience. Thanks to dot429 for creating this amazing video about MaeDay's inception.

MaeDay Rescue is a Los Angeles based, 501c3 non-profit organization committed to helping the homeless animal population, while generating awareness and education on the importance of spay/neutering. Our overhead is very low, so all donated money goes directly to helping animals.

Founder and President, Natalie Garcia, has a keen eye for finding those special animals that are just right for your life, so describe what you’re looking for and she will find it!





Meet Herschel! He is a dignified gentleman who is around 6-8 years old. He seems to be a pure Spaniel and is perfection in every way! He is house trained, loves all dogs, is mellow, likes cats, great on leash, can sit, loves car rides and is just easy. He was tied to a MaeDay rescue foster's doorstep with a note that said "Can't keep." He was full of fleas, more than we've ever seen and was so very dirty. The poor guy must've been living in a backyard for awhile. He was clearly someone's dog at some point, because of how agreeable he is. Give this guy the home he deserves!

Ida & Dorothy


Meet Ida & Dorothy!! These two girls were found running in traffic in Orange County, with no tags or microchip. The kind couple who found them did everything to try and track their owners, but were unsuccessful after a two-week search. They reached out to us and we gladly stepped in! These two are very sweet, bonded to each other, great with other dogs and potty trained. Dorothy can sit and Ida is learning fast. Since they are bonded we'd like them to be adopted together. Ida is around 1 year and Dorothy is around 3. Two dogs are better than one!

This is Twiggy, clearly she got her name from her long legs and petite figure. We think she is a terrier/Italian Greyhound mix. She is only about 10 months old, super sweet, great with cats & dogs, loves everyone and is learning to  potty outside. She weighs only 7 pounds and is perfect in every way! She loves her crate and likes to nest in clothes or anything she can burrow in! Adopt this petite cutie!

Sgt. Jefferson


Sgt. Jefferson who is also called Smokey Joe Lonesome, is a sweet sweet senior. He was found under a car not moving, covered in fleas, dirt and ticks. The person who found him thought he was dead until he slid him out from under the car and the Sgt. popped up. He has definitely had a hard life. He has no fur on his body, except for around his neck and on his head, giving him a lion look. The vet thinks he has no body fur due to years of sun exposure, fleas, malnutrition and no shelter. Now that he is an older gentleman we aren't sure his fur will fully grow back. He is also deaf, but his eyes are in good shape and his blood work is perfect! He does have a few masses on his body, but they seem to show no signs of cancer! Although he sounds like a mess, he is potty trained, has the kindest heart, loves to be pet, loves cats, loves dog beds that are too small for him and is fine with other dogs. He deserves to live his remaining years in a warm house surrounded with love!

Meet Patricia! Patricia's humans moved away and left her behind in the yard, the neighbors took her in and we're going to keep her, until she went into labor! They called us to help and of course we said yes! Patricia is an excellent mother to her four babies, she is also potty trained, loves people, is a cuddle bug, likes cats and others dogs. She will be done nursing her babies around Sept. 16th and then will be more than ready to get settled in her own forever home. She is an 11 pound love muffin who deserves to be treated like a puppy, since she is still a baby herself, around 1-2years old.



Peggy is a one year old spayed poodle mix pup. She was found as a stray running through traffic and we followed her to a house. We asked the person of the house if this was their dog and they said, "yes, but we don't really want her" So we took her! She has learned to sit, she is potty trained, is great with kids and loves to play with plastic bottles. She is eager to find her forever home and know what constant love is!

Arthur is an older gentleman who lived his whole life in a backyard tied to a tree. His humans would forget to feed him from time to time, so he started eating rocks to survive. This made him stop eating altogether because his stomach was blocked. So his humans decided they would him down because he wasn't eating. When MaeDay's team heard this, we swooped in and saved him. He is now healthy, fixed, and has all shots. He likes other dogs, he's great with cats, he looks like a seal and is quite a character.